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SATURDAY, August 5   4-7:30pm

See + Appreciate=Own

The tour begins at Vermillion Art Gallery and Bar.

August COLLECT: Seattle Art Fair Edition

This tour will include art exhibitions running concurrently with the Seattle Art Fair and will not stop at the Seattle Art Fair.

1) The tour will begin at Vermillion Art Gallery and Bar showing Sarah Teasdale, Technaissance.

“In the information age a fresh visual aesthetic is being formed. Technology has been providing creatives with original means of expression since its beginning. For example, the birth of impressionism was facilitated by the development of the easel and the introduction of premixed paints in lead tubes. Teasdale is inspired by how technology expresses imagery. She is inspired by the aesthetics of the pixel and likes to manipulate images to find the perfect balance between the virtual and the real.”

2) Then, it’s on to Core Gallery (Seattle) for a show featuring artists Chris Sheridan,
Allegories from My Subconscious, and Aaliyah Gupta (more to information to come).

About Allegories from My Subconscious –
“Sleep has always been elusive for me, but when I’m able to dream, the visions and places in those dreams are incredibly vivid. During the day, when I’m tired and in need of peace, I hike in the woods and along the water. I always assumed that these activities were unconnected, but lately, I’ve been finding surprising overlaps between the things that I see when I’m asleep and when I’m awake. My torment has worn the veil between dreams and reality thin. One experience is as vivid as the other, and I’m often left questioning their meaning and the places they take me.”

3) Seattle is transforming King Street Station into a hub for arts and culture. In a unique collaboration between the Office of Arts & Culture Seattle, the Seattle Department of Transportation, and the Office of Economic Development, the City will create a dynamic space for arts and culture in the heart of the city. In August, ARTS at King Street Station presents Borderlands (more to information to come).

4) Next, we will visit Out of Sight 2017 – a survey of contemporary art in the Pacific Northwest, returns to Seattle for its third year. Tandem to the Seattle Art Fair, Out of Sight is the largest and most diverse annual exhibition of contemporary art in the region. Occupying three floors of a historic building in the heart of Pioneer Square, this independently produced exhibition showcases work from Oregon, Idaho, Washington and British Columbia. With the new curatorial team of Ben Heywood, Greg Lundgren, S. Surface and Justen Waterhouse, Out of Sight is a celebration of paintings, photography, sculpture, performance, new media, murals and installations from emerging to established artists throughout the Pacific Northwest.

5) Our final stop will be an exclusive studio visit with neon artist Dylan Neuwirth.

“Light is the beginning and end. It is a mystical medium illuminating the complexities of our shared human condition from the dark interior of the soul to the vast reaches of the universe. For me, light is an infinite source of contemplation, autobiographical ether, and aura of continuous transformation.”

The August tour will include special guest Chef Tarik Abdullah, a Seattle-based chef known for his exciting pop-up restaurants focused on Mediterranean cuisine who will curate one-of-a-kind culinary experiences to complement the COLLECT tour. Abdullah was chosen by internationally famed cultural figure and chef Anthony Bourdain for the competitive cooking show on ABC, “The Taste”. Stay tuned for his latest project, Black & Tan Hall, haopening soon.

The bus will return to Vermillion Art Gallery and Bar.

As usual, free flowing champagne and catered food by Chef Tarik Abdullah is included with your ticket price of $50.00

Photos by WendySimonsPhotography